"I'm a writer by trade. Not that the people of Skyrim do much reading."
―Adonato Leotelli[src]


Adonato Leotelli is an Imperial author residing at Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm.


Adonato is renowned for his works of historical fiction, most notably Olaf and the Dragon. He also wrote the book Ghosts in the Storm, which is based on his trip to Skyrim with Ri'saad's Khajiit caravan.



Adonato requests his book be delivered to Giraud Gemane at the Bards College.


  • "I still can't believe Isabella's gone. She was such a helpful young lass."
  • "Now more than ever, the world needs tales of heroism."
  • "Know any tale of nobility and courage? I'm keen to record them."​
  • "I'll find some way to finish my book."
  • "May you lose yourself in the pages of a good book!"
  • "As you travel Skyrim, make sure you stop and take in the view from time to time!"


  • During the quest "Deliver Adonato's Book to Giraud," a copy of Olaf and the Dragon is given, as a "recently completed work." There are only minor differences in text between this and other copies of the book.


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