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Adoring Fan is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


The Adoring Fan is obtained the first time you defeat an arena boss. A regular or premium version has a small chance to be obtained from card packs.


The card has little use when using its base stats, as even though it has Guard, its mere 1 defense point makes it quite easy to destroy. When killed however, the card goes back into the deck, and is sometimes redrawn at the start of random turns. The neutral aspect of the card allows it to be added to any matter of decks.


The Adoring Fan is a good choice to apply items and other effects to. As it is one of the few cards that cannot be silenced, any bonuses added to it cannot be removed. This makes it useful if one decides to take an aggressive approach, and adding cards such as Heirloom Greatsword or Steel Dagger can increase the damage output without the risk of losing the traits. The weaknesses of this is that the enemy can still use actions, Lethal, or wound-related instant destruction to destroy the card. The Guard keyword allows enemies to attack it rather than your other cards.


As the Adoring Fan comes with Guard, it is a natural use for defense, and can sometimes be used as a last resort if randomly drawn for free. Since it has only 1 point for defense, the card can be rendered obsolete quickly if the enemy decides to attack it with a creature or a mass destruction spell like Fireball. However, with the useful trait of being unsilencible, items such as Maple Shield or Imperial Armor can be applied to it in order to increase its defense, which cannot be removed without killing the card altogether.


  • The Adoring Fan originally appeared in Oblivion.
  • The Adoring Fan's Last Gasp ability causes him to be put back into the deck and auto play to a random lane when re-drawn at no cost. This may be a reference to the his special un-killable status in Oblivion where he would respawn three days after being killed.



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