"So many different cultures come through this part of Vvardenfell. I just can't seem to stop asking questions. It's frustrated more than one customer. So, before I let my curiosity get the better of me, where would you like to go?"
―Adosi Delvi[src]

Adosi Delvi is a Dunmer caravaner residing in Vos on Vvardenfell.


Where can your silt strider take me? "We make regular runs between here and Vivec City. We can also take you to Molag Mar, if you prefer. Do either of those destinations appeal to you?"


  • "Red Mountain's probably going to explode and cover the land in boiling lava. It's inevitable. In the meantime, we all have to make a living, am I right? So, interested in taking a silt strider before the mountain takes us all?"
  • "It's hard not to believe in your gods when one is a silt strider ride away. I don't know how your lot does it. I don't know if I could keep the faith. But, more importantly, how can I be of service?"
  • "Some of us Dark Elves can't seem to stand other races. It's s'wit this, n'wah that! But we could truly learn so much from their experiences. Look at me, talking your ear off! Where would you like to go today?" —If the Vestige is a Dunmer.
  • "So, tell me, Dark Elf to Dark Elf, what do you think is happening in Vvardenfell? Have you ever seen Red Mountain so active? And what about the rumors coming out of Vivec City? Sorry, you probably want to talk about silt striders. Ignore me." —If the Vestige is a Dunmer.
  • Most Dark Elf outlanders I meet are shocked by out faith in the Tribunal here in Vvardenfell. But heck, Vivec's in our own backyard! Hard not to stay devoted. Sorry, not here to debate religion. Were you looking for a ride?" —If the Vestige is a Dunmer.


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