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"Yes! That is my ring! Please! It grants me Divine Intervention! Now I can escape! Give it to me NOW! I don't care about anything else... just let me out of here!"
Adusamsi Assurnarairan[src]

Adusamsi's Ring is a unique ring belonging to Adusamsi Assurnarairan. It is enchanted with Divine Intervention, allowing instant teleportation to the nearest Imperial Cult shrine.


Enchantment ID: divine intervention_en


Ice Blade of the MonarchEdit

Adusamsi's Ring is in the possession of Llaren Terano, her captor at the Rotheran stronghold on the island of Sheogorad. He is hostile and must be killed to obtain it. If given to Adusamsi to permit her escape, it will be rewarded upon completion of the quest.

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