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Adventurers are randomly encountered radiant characters.

Description[edit | edit source]

They can be found on roads or inns, depending on the actual type of adventurer. There are two types of adventurers found in Skyrim, both types are referred to simply by their race, and both types also carry potions and wear random armor, and this is what distinguishes them from other characters who are encountered.

Types of Adventurers[edit | edit source]

Taunting Adventurers[edit | edit source]

Taunting Adventurers can be Redguard, an Orc, or Nord. When spoken to, they'll taunt the Dragonborn. Depending on the level of the Speech skill, they can be intimidated or persuaded. Failing these will turn them hostile, and succeeding will cause them to walk away.

Aggressive Adventurers[edit | edit source]

Aggressive Adventurers, unlike the taunting ones, can be any race. They are automatically hostile when encountered, and are more unpredictable than their taunting counterparts.

Dead Adventurers[edit | edit source]

Dead Adventurers are usually encountered inside dungeons, occasionally near a useful object or carrying something of importance upon their person. Sometimes notes or journals can be found with them that provide clues.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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