Aedric Spear is a Templar skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Ultimate SkillsEdit

  • Radial Sweep: Sweeps a conjured weapon in a deadly arc, dealing Magic damage to all enemies around the player.

Active SkillsEdit

  • Puncturing Strikes: A four hit attack dealing chained damage to any foes in front of the player, the final hit knocks back the closest enemy.
    • Biting Jabs (Morph Ability): Adds Critical Hit chance to low health enemies.
    • Puncturing Sweep (Morph Ability): Damage dealt in a larger cone.
  • Piercing Javelin: Hurls a spear, dealing damage and knocking the target backwards.
  • Focused Charge: Charges to an enemy, interrupting and stunning while dealing Magic damage.
  • Spear Shards: Deals Magic damage to all enemies in a target area. One target is disoriented for a short duration. Allies may pick up shards granting them a Stamina bonus for a short time.
  • Sun Shield: Creates a damage absorption shield with strength based on the player's maximum health, dealing damage to nearby enemies on activation. The shield returns damage and is replenished by a small amount each time it is struck by an enemy. The Templar no longer regenerates Magicka while the shield holds.

Passive SkillsEdit

  • Piercing Spear: Increases critical strike chance and deals bonus damage to blocking targets when using spear abilities. (2 Ranks)
  • Spear Wall: Increases the amount of Melee damage blocked while the Templar has a spear skill slotted. (2 Ranks)
  • Burning Light: Adds a chance to deal bonus damage when using spear abilities. (2 Ranks)
  • Balanced Warrior: Increases the Templar's weapon damage and spell resistance by a small amount. (2 Ranks)


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