Not to be confused with Aelm.
"Aelif makes her way as she can, helps the Guild as she can. Just a humble Khajiit. Originally from the city of Dune."

Aelif is a Khajiit and a member of the Fighters Guild. She likes to fight Daedra and occasionally practices necromancy.

She is the secret main antagonist of the Fighters Guild questline as she later reveals herself to be an agent of Molag Bal after her failed attempt at getting guildmaster Sees-All-Colors killed.


Anchors from the HarborEdit

The Guildmaster of the Fighters Guild wants the Vestige to perform a task for her.

The Prismatic CoreEdit

Proving the DeedEdit

Aelif and the Vestige investigate into the new discovery that Guildmaster Jofnir Iceblade was murdered.

Will of the CouncilEdit


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