Not to be confused with Hidar.
"Begone, stranger."

Aenar is a Nord barbarian residing at Graring's House. After the completion of the quest "Discovery in the Mine," he can make Ice Armor and Stalhrim Weapons for the Nerevarine.


Discovery in the MineEdit

The Nerevarine asks Aenar or Hidar to forge Stalhrim weapons or ice armor for them. If Carnius was chosen, the Nerevarine must kill Hidar and Aenar alongside Graring.


Discovery in the MineEdit

"Have you come for Stalhrim armor, friend?"

Stalhrim armor "I can craft any piece of armor, provided you have the raw materials. What do you need?"
Stalhrim Cuirass "Very well. I shall start work on it. Come back in two days, and it will be ready."
Stalhrim Left Pauldron
Stalhrim Right Pauldron
Stalhrim Left Gauntlet
Stalhrim Right Gauntlet
Stalhrim Greaves
Stalhrim Boots
"Very well. I shall start work on it (Or "them" if the Greaves or Boots are chosen). Come back in two days, and they will be ready."
Nevermind "So be it. I shall be here if you change your mind."
Stalhrim "It is sacred, but it is useful. It can be made to craft Stalhrim armor, if one has the tools and knows the proper techniques."


  • "Speak to Graring." ―If Falco was chosen instead of Carnius


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