"I got a job for you. Something that might add some clink to your pockets."
―Aengoth the Jeweler[src]

Aengoth the Jeweler is a Bosmer scout who resides in the cellar of the The Rat in the Pot inn in the city of Ald'ruhn. He is a Mastermind of the Thieves Guild and is the leader of operations at the Ald'ruhn chapter.


Loot the Mages GuildEdit

Aengoth asks the Nerevarine to steal Anarenen's Devil Tanto from the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild.

Redoran Master HelmEdit

Aengoth asks the Nerevarine to steal the Redoran Master Helm from Arobar Manor.

Naughty GandosaEdit

Aengoth tasks the Nerevarine with stealing a copy of Boethiah's Pillow Book, again from Arobar Manor.


Aengoth charges the Nerevarine with steal a copy of Withershins from Miles Gloriosus in Maar Gan.

Retrieve the Scrap MetalEdit

Aengoth requires four pieces of Dwemer Scrap Metal, and any will do.

The Darts of JudgementEdit

Aengoth tasks the Nerevarine with retrieving some Darts of Judgement from Eindel in Llethri Manor. This time, however, the rewards and reputation will be based on the number of Darts turned in.

Remove the Heads of the Thieves GuildEdit

Aengoth is a target to be wiped out by the Fighters Guild.

Buckmoth AlmsEdit



He is a trainer in Block, Long Blade, and Medium Armor.


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