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"Hello there. Welcome to Aerin's Camp."

Aerin's Camp is the camp where Torbern, the Master Acrobatics trainer, resides.

If the Hero has a high skill in Acrobatics, they will be referred here for Aerin, who the camp is named after, but instead the only occupant will be Torbern.


The camp is located at the feet of the large Jerall Mountains range and north of Cheydinhal and east of Shrine of Azura. It is also directly below Dive Rock, the highest point in Cyrodiil, and north of the camp is the body of Andre Labouche, who supposedly fell off Dive Rock. There is also an unmarked road connecting from Cheydinhal to Aerin's Camp.

Notable itemsEdit


Acrobatics TrainingEdit

For further training in Acrobatics, the Hero needs to search the mountains in the northeast of Cyrodiil for Aerin's Camp.


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