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[[es:Casa de Aerin]]
[[es:Casa de Aerin]]
[[Category:Skyrim: Riften Locations]]
[[Category:Skyrim: Riften Locations]]
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[[Category:Skyrim: Homes]]

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Aerin's House is a house in Riften.

Aerin's home is small, but has three floors, counting the cellar. It is next to Bolli's House, near the gate leading out of Riften to the Riften stables. The adept level lock on the door is in view of a guard who is usually at the gate.

Aerin and Mjoll the Lioness live here. There is a Danger Shadowmark to the left of the front door. There are two chests, one in the cellar and one upstairs in the master bedroom.

Notable items


  • Aerin's House is referred to as the "House of Mjoll the Lioness". This is seen when doing a burglary job for the Thieves Guild.
  • The Danger Shadowmark may be referring to Mjoll, as she has been openly opposed to the Thieves Guild and would be a dangerous opponent.
  • Unusually, the house lacks a fireplace and cooking facilities.  
  • If Mjoll is married, a cooking pot may appear near the entrance.
  • The Companions quest Animal Extermination may require the Dragonborn to kill the creature here.


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  •  PS3   When entering the house, the Dragonborn may appear in the basement, while followers appear on the main floor.


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