Not to be confused with The Affairs of Wizards.

Affairs of a Wizard is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The Hero is to kill a powerful necromancer named Celedaen, who is attempting to transform himself into a lich. The orders recommend that the Hero attempts to discover a weakness before taking him on.


Dead dropEdit

The orders explaining the details of the assassination are found inside a hollow rock on Hero Hill. The orders will explain that the target is Celedaen, and his goals of becoming a lich. Reading the orders will state that he is held up in Leafrot Cave during this transformation and to head there and kill him.

Leafrot CaveEdit

Leafrot cave is found in the Nibenay Basin, at the end of the Panther River. Inside there is a lab where Celedaen did his research. On the table there is notes on The Path of Transcendence, giving in some detail his works on becoming immortal. In the end of the journal, he reveals that he is using the Sands of Resolve, and that he must keep them on his person at all times during the transformation or he will die almost instantly.

Killing CeledaenEdit

There are two ways to kill Celedaen. Attacking him, (either through stealth or direct combat) or stealing the soul container while stealthed from him before he notices what is happening. After he is dead, the next dead drop orders can be found under the great oak in Chorrol.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

I have received my new orders from Lucien Lachance. I must go to Leafrot Cave and kill a Necromancer who has begun the process of transforming himself into a lich. This Necromancer, Celedaen, has not yet completed his metamorphosis but is still incredibly powerful -- possibly too powerful to kill if faced directly. I should search the cave for Celedaen's writings, and try to discover his weakness.

  • Update: After discovering the necromancer's journal:

I have discovered the journal of the Necromancer Celedaen. It appears he has used a magic hourglass called the Sands of Resolve to turn himself into a lich and extend his life indefinitely. The process is not yet complete, however, and the hourglass must remain on Celedaen's person for some time, as it contains his life force. If I could remove the Sands of Resolve from Celedaen's possession, perhaps through pickpocketing, he would surely die.

  • Update: After killing the necromancer:

Celedaen is dead. I must pick up my reward and next contract at the dead drop located in an old sack hidden in the bushes beneath the Great Oak, in the city of Chorrol.

  • Update: After picking up the reward and next contract:

I have picked up my reward and received my next contract.

  • Quest complete

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