"Are you finished ogling the grotesque? I suppose I should be grateful you didn't simply attack me."
―Afflicted Refugee[src]


The Afflicted Refugee is a randomly encountered male, wandering the roads of Skyrim. Speaking to him causes him to become offended at the player, claiming that the player is "ogling the grotesque." He is referring to his own skin, which is covered in black encrustations.


The Only CureEdit

Further conversation reveals that he is infected with a disease, which he claims to be a plague. He also claims the disease would have killed him years ago, if not for Peryite's protection. He is leaving Skyrim to return to his home in High Rock because the Afflicted "shepherd" has lost his way and he wants to get as far away as possible before Peryite removes his favor. After this, he sends the Dragonborn to locate a Khajiit man named Kesh the Clean, which begins a Daedric quest. If the Afflicted Refugee is attacked, he will attempt to use vomit as a weapon.


"Are you finished ogling the grotesque? I suppose I should be grateful you didn't simply attack me."

Your skin... Are you ill? "I am one of the Afflicted. I'd have been dead from this plague a year ago if not for Peryite's protection."
Where are you going? "Returning to High Rock. Our shepherd lost his way, and I fear Peryite's wrath may consume those who remain with him. Kesh could tell you more. I just want out of Skyrim as quickly as possible."
I have more questions. "And I have no more time for talking. Go speak with Kesh if you are so curious."


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