"I supply many fine city merchants with goods. All sorts of things. Whatever I can buy cheap and sell dear."

Agarmir is a Nord thief who lives in the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City. He is generally unfriendly towards those he doesn't know, since he does not trust them.

He does most of his business with Thoronir, one of the local shopkeepers who is known for having extremely low prices.

He wields the weapon Debaser, a leveled fine steel shortsword.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Unfriendly Competition[edit | edit source]

The Hero is directed to Jensine of Jensine's "Good As New" Merchandise by several merchants in the Imperial City Market District, including Ogier Georick of The Main Ingredient and Claudette Perrick of The Gilded Carafe.

When Agarmir is confronted in the Trentius Family Mausoleum, he will reveal that he knew he was being tracked, and had placed a trap with his partner, Rolgarel in the mausoleum to confront and kill his stalker, and bury them in one of the tombs.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]


Imperial City "I supply many fine city merchants with goods. All sorts of things. Whatever I can buy cheap and sell dear."


Unfriendly Competition[edit | edit source]


Inventory "Inventory? I am a simple trapper. My inventory just consists of pelts and skins. I would hardly call that inventory. Now get outta my way."
Thoronir "Don't know anyone by that name. Now go away."

(After obtaining the Macabre Manifest)

Taken from the Dead "I have no idea what you're talking about, but you have a sick mind. Get away from me."

(Inside the Trentius Family Mausoleum)
"I had a feeling you'd catch on sooner or later. That's why I had this trap prepared for you. If you'll notice, the grave is already dug. This time, it wasn't to take something away from the graveyard, it was to add something. I'm afraid all I can offer you is an unmarked grave."

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Unfriendly Competition[edit | edit source]

Thoronir: "That you, Agarmir?"
Agarmir: "Shhhh, not so loud. How many times have I told you that?"
Thoronir: "Sorry, I am not used to this kind of meeting. It always makes me nervous."
Agarmir: "Well, just shut up and listen to me. The next shipment will be sooner than I expected. Just have the money ready."
Thoronir: "Same assortment of things? I mean, I have enough clothing for now."
Agarmir: "You take what I get. I get notice at the last second, and I have to jump on it. No time to be picky about it."
Thoronir: "Well, that Society is putting more pressure on me. So maybe we better cut back for a while."
Agarmir: "You cut back now, and I'm going to take my business elsewhere. Or maybe pay a visit to that Jensine and tell her about your little scheme."
Thoronir: "Fine. You made your point. Contact me when you have the items, and we'll meet again."
Agarmir: "Don't worry, it will be very soon. Now get outta' here."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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