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Agility is a primary attribute that affects one's ability to perform a number of tasks and impacts several skills. During combat increased Agility improves one's chance of dodging an enemy's attack, landing a hit with a weapon, blocking if equipped with a shield, and increases resistance to staggering. Outside of combat it contributes to sneaking, disarming traps, and lockpicking. It is also one of four factors in determining maximum Fatigue.

Skills[edit | edit source]

The following skills are governed by Agility. Their use contributes to the attribute multiplier at level-up:

The ability to use the following skills is improved by increasing Agility:

Characters[edit | edit source]

Birthsign[edit | edit source]

Classes[edit | edit source]

The following classes receive a +10 bonus to Agility:

Races[edit | edit source]

Starting Agility
Points Altmer Argonian Bosmer Breton Dunmer Imperial Khajiit Nord Orsimer Redguard

Items[edit | edit source]

The following items increase, lower, or restore Agility. (They may have additional effects – see articles for further details.)

Note: Damage effects persist until restored; Drain effects are temporary; Constant effects cannot be dispelled.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Armor and Shields
Piece Type Effect Type Magnitude Duration Target Item ID
Bonedancer Gauntlet Right Gauntlet Fortify 5 Constant Self bonedancer gauntlet
Fist of Randagulf (Left) Left Gauntlet Fortify 20 Constant Self gauntlet_fists_l_unique
Helmet of Bearkind BM Helmet Fortify 10–30 10 Self BM Bear Helmet_ber
Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw Helmet Fortify 40 Constant Self helm_bearclaw_unique
Helm of the Wolf's Heart BM Helmet Fortify 5 Constant Self BM Wolf Helmet_heartfang

Clothing[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Clothing and Jewelry
Item Type Effect Type Magnitude Duration Target Item ID
Amulet of Flesh Made Whole Amulet Restore 5–15 - Self amuletfleshmadewhole_uniq
Amulet of Heartfire Amulet Fortify 10–20 30 Self artifact_amulet of heartfire
Belt of Nimbleness Belt Fortify 1–10 5 Self belt of nimbleness
Bonebiter Charm Amulet Damage 20 1 Target bonebiter charm
Gambolpuddy Right Glove Fortify 15–30 30 Self extravagant_rt_art_wild
Malipu-Ataman's Belt Belt Fortify 10 30 Self malipu_ataman's_belt
Ring of the Wind Amulet Fortify 30 Constant Self ring_wind_unique
Robe of Trials Robe Drain 10 30 Touch robe of trials
Stumble Charm Amulet Damage 1–20 1 Touch stumble charm
Thief Ring Ring Fortify 5 30 Self thief_ring

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

First Effect ingredients can be consumed raw for the effect. Otherwise they must be combined using Alchemy.

Alchemy Ingredients
Item Drain Fortify Restore First Effect Item ID
Ash Salts ingred_ash_salts_01
Black Anther ingred_black_anther_01
Bonemeal ingred_bonemeal_01
Daedra's Heart ingred_daedras_heart_01
Diamond ingred_diamond_01
Durzog Meat TR ingred_durzog_meat_01
Ectoplasm ingred_ectoplasm_01
Emerald ingred_emerald_01
Fire Salts ingred_fire_salts_01
Heart of an Innocent BM ingred_innocent_heart
Heart of the Udyrfrykte BM ingred_udyrfrykte_heart
Heart of the Wolf BM ingred_wolf_heart
Heartwood BM ingred_heartwood_01
Hypha Facia ingred_bc_hypha_facia
Noble Sedge Flowers TR ingred_noble_sedge_01
Pearl ingred_pearl_01
Pinetear BM ingred_emerald_pinetear
Raw Ebony ingred_raw_ebony_01
Roobrush ingred_roobrush_01
Ruby ingred_ruby_01
Scrib Cabbage TR ingred_scrib_cabbage_01
Sload Soap ingred_sload_soap_01

Potions[edit | edit source]

Potions and Beverages
Item Effect Type Magnitude Duration Item ID
Fortify Potions
Bargain Fortify Agility Fortify 5 8 p_fortify_agility_b
Cheap Fortify Agility Fortify 8 15 p_fortify_agility_c
Standard Fortify Agility Fortify 10 30 p_fortify_agility_s
Quality Fortify Agility Fortify 15 45 p_fortify_agility_q
Exclusive Fortify Agility Fortify 20 60 p_fortify_agility_e
Restore Potions
Bargain Restore Agility Restore 5 - p_restore_agility_b
Cheap Restore Agility Restore 8 - p_restore_agility_c
Standard Restore Agility Restore 10 - p_restore_agility_s
Quality Restore Agility Restore 15 - p_restore_agility_q
Exclusive Restore Agility Restore 20 - p_restore_agility_e
Greef Drain 20 60 potion_comberry_brandy_01
Nord Mead BM Drain 30 60 potion_nord_mead
Skooma Drain 20 60 potion_skooma_01
Spoiled SlowFall Potion Drain 15 40 p_drain_agility_q
Vintage Brandy Drain 30 360 p_vintagecomberrybrandy1

Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Scrolls
Item Effect Type Magnitude Duration Target Item ID
Scroll of Black Sloth Damage 5–15 10 Touch sc_blacksloth
Scroll of Black Sloth Damage 5–15 10 Touch sc_blacksloth
Scroll of Bodily Restoration BM Restore 20 1 Self sc_bodily_restoration
Scroll of Red Sloth Absorb 20–40 10 Touch sc_redsloth
Scroll of the Blood Thief Absorb 0–20 20 Touch sc_bloodthief
Scroll of the Dawn Sprite Fortify 10–30 60 Self sc_dawnsprite

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Weapons
Item Type Effect Type Magnitude Duration Target Item ID
Ane Teria's Mace Blunt 1H Damage 5–12 1 Touch ane_teria_mace_unique
Bonebiter Bow of Sul-Senipul Shortbow Damage 20 1 Target bonebiter_bow_unique
Ebony Spear (unique) Spear Drain 10 1 Touch ebony_spear_hrce_unique
Keening Short Blade Fortify 20 Constant Self keening
Sword of Agustas* Long Blade 2H Drain 1–10 1 Touch claymore_Agustas
Veloth's Judgement Blunt 2H Drain 25 10 Touch daedric warhammer_ttgd

* The Sword of Agustas has two identical Drain Agility effects.

Spells and magic effects[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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