Ahdarji's House is a two-story house that is split into east and west wings. The home is located on the east side of Leyawiin, across from J'bari's house. It is owned by former thief Ahdarji, a mid-level trainer in Light Armor.

Ahdarji's House 2nd Floor EastEdit

The east wing is primarily used as a place of storage for the home.

Ahdarji's House 2nd Floor WestEdit

The west wing is the private quarters for the home and has various miscellaneous items.


Ahdarji's HeirloomEdit

S'Krivva has asked the Hero to retrieve a ring that belongs to Ahdarji. She is a Khajiit living in Leyawiin. One must go to Leyawiin and see if they can find her.

Light Armor TrainingEdit

The Hero has been told that if they want more Light Armor training, they need to talk to J'bari in Leyawiin.

Notable itemsEdit


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