"Poor Ahdarji, all alone, now that Qa-Dar is gone. Poor widow Ahdarji..."

Ahdarji is a Khajiit living in Leyawiin who lost her mate, Qa'Dar, an experienced member of the Thieves Guild.


Ahdarji is a low ranking member of the guild, but her partner, Qa-Dar, was an important and respected member. After his death, Ahdarji fell into a state of depressing, saying that she is alone in the world without her mate.

She holds a high level is disdain for Argonian's, going as far as to not even drink the water in town because they swim in it. She refer's to them as "greenskins" when they are not around.

Ahdarji's Heirloom

A ring given to her by Qa'Dar has been stolen by Amusei, an Argonian freelance thief. Ahdarji asks S'Krivva to send a thief to steal it back. S'Kriiva sends the Hero to help her.

Light Armor Training

Ahdarji can also provide training in the Light Armor skill.


  • "Yes. Ahdarji is the name. Poor Ahdarji, all alone, now that Qa-Dar is gone. Poor widow Ahdarji... Ahdarji trains, yes. Light Armor is the skill. Ahdarji must work very hard, now she is all alone in the world."
  • "So many greenskins here... they smell, do they not? Ahdarji won't drink the water, no. The Argonians SWIM in it."-To non-Argonian players.
  • "You will not stay in Leyawiin. You just visit. Of course. Too many Argonians here. Already. People here don't like Argonians. Too many already."-To Argonian players.
  • "Speak with J'bari here in town. He's good with Light Armor; far better than I."
  • "Why does the prey approach me?"
  • "My ring! All thanks to the claws of the Clan Mother. You have recovered it. Is that slimy Argonian dead? Did he suffer long? I hope so. You have earned the reward. The Thieves Guild was always good to Ahdarji's dearest mate. I am grateful that the memory is still honored."


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