"Men are all alike, from Skyrim to Hammerfell. They care only for war and politics, and treat their women like cattle."


Ahlam is a Redguard healer living in the city Whiterun, in central Skyrim.


Ahlam is married to Nazeem, who, as she tells the Dragonborn, is "most likely fawning over the Jarl all day." She seems not to enjoy her marriage with her haughty husband, who can be seen making pretentious and insulting comments to various people in the city, including the Dragonborn. Her failing marriage has apparently had an impact on her opinion of men in general, as she says that they are "all alike" and treat their spouses poorly.

Alongside her husband, she co-owns Chillfurrow Farm, just south of the city, but most often she may be found tending to the wounded inside the Temple of Kynareth with Danica Pure-Spring and Acolyte Jenssen. This is where Danica reassures her that her job, which is healing the sick at the Temple, is more important than absentee husbands. Ahlam mentions in their conversations that her husband has become distant and unloving, and Danica replies by humorously insulting Nazeem.

If Nazeem is killed, she says that she is a "still-grieving widow," contradictory to the majority of her dialogue.


Marital issuesEdit

Dialogue Speaker
"Something wrong, Ahlam?" Danica Pure-Spring
"Are you alright, Ahlam? You haven't seemed yourself today."
"What's wrong, dear friend? You seem... distracted today."
"Oh, it's Nazeem. He's been spending more and more time fawning over the Jarl. I swear, we're hardly ever home at the same time anymore." Ahlam
"It's nothing, I just... It's Nazeem. How did we get to this point, Danica? Is there no love left between us?"
"Hmm? Oh, well... To be honest, I was just thinking of Nazeem. The gap between us seems to be widening. He is just so... self-absorbed."
"Now, now, my friend. You must look on the bright side. If soldiers storm the city, there's a good chance your husband may get killed." Danica Pure-Spring
"If you don't mind me saying so, Ahlam, your husband is a damn fool. Any moment spent thinking about him is a moment wasted."
"Ahlam, let's be honest. Your husband is an arrogant, domineering buffoon. These are the words you used to describe him to me... remember?"
"Oh dearest, who cares? So your husband is a lout. The work you do here, with me, is invaluable. The people of Whiterun know your true worth."
"But it's more than that. Nazeem is obsessed with this civil war, as is all of Skyrim. I swear, it will consume us all." Ahlam
"Maybe Nazeem's obsession has merit. This civil war seems so big, so unceasing... I'm afraid, Danica. Afraid for us all."
"Ha! Well, when you put it like that, it certainly puts things into perspective. But enough wallowing. And thank you, Danica."
"Oh, you are terrible. You do know that, right? Ha ha ha ha ha."


  • "Looking for my husband Nazeem? Check the Jarl's backside. That's usually where he stuffs himself these days."
  • "Men are all alike, from Skyrim to Hammerfell. They care only for war and politics, and treat their women like cattle."
  • "Are you married? You look the type. Make sure you treat your wife with the respect she deserves." —If the Dragonborn is male
  • "Here you stand, talking to a married woman. Why? Am I that interesting? Or is there something else on your mind?" —If the Dragonborn is male
  • "Here you stand, talking to a still-grieving widow. Why? Am I that interesting? Or perhaps there are other things on your mind." ―If Nazeem is deceased


  • If the Dragonborn kills Ahlam without being detected by guards, Nazeem may send hired thugs in retaliation. The reverse is also true, despite the fact that she claims to despise her husband.
  • She also may send hired thugs if the Dragonborn steals something from the Temple of Kynareth.
  • Ahlam, as well as Nazeem, holds a Key to Wintersand Manor, which seems to serve no purpose as said location is nonexistent.
  • Entering help wintersand 0 into the console (PC) shows that there is a Wintersand Manor Key, a location called Wintersand Manor, and a Wintersand Manor Faction, but no Wintersand Manor cell, implying that Wintersand Manor may be a location which was removed from the final release, but the key to it was overlooked.
  • If Arcadia is killed, Ahlam will take over her shop, Arcadia's Cauldron.


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