"This Iron Orc nonsense, it's all just an elaborate trick. It's the Dragonstar Caravan Company. Figure if they scare us, we'll be more willing to put up with their outrageous demands. Well, Tall Papa never paid gold for dung, and neither will I."

Ahmih is a Redguard residing in the town of Dragonstar.


What's this red stone you're mining? "It's got a lot of names. Shake stone, miner's bane. I hear someone's calling it "nirnclucks" now. But we call it red brittle. There are veins of it all over Upper Craglorn. It can ruin the whole mine if you're not careful."

That doesn't sound good. "When you crack or chip the stone, it releases poisons that can turn an entire mine into a death trap. Besides, it's worthless. Too brittle to forge and too ugly to turn into jewelry. It's a wonder that High Elf woman wants any of the rock at all."
You said poisonous? How poisonous? "As a scorpion's arse. Spend too much time around the brittle and you start twitching. When brittle is uncovered, they usually seal the mine. Except for the Caravan Company. If there's gold to be made, to Oblivion with health and safety."
So why do you keep digging? "Wealth beats health, especially here in Craglorn. Still, I can't spend gold if I'm drooling and have the shakes, can I? One more load and then I'll move on. Maybe two."


  • "Never thought I'd be hauling red brittle out of this mine, but that twitchy High Elf down in the storehouse seems to think it's worth something. Hopefully we'll be back to mining gold and real ore in a few days. It's not worth getting the shakes."
  • "Been days since we've seen an ore wagon. Bah. A mine's just a hole in the ground if you can't trade what you chip out of it. Been hauling red brittle just to make ends meet. That's how desperate it's gotten. Damned Iron Orcs ...."


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