"A great romance awaits for those male characters brave enough to try."

Ahnassi, a Special Friend is a quest given by Ahnassi which involves many smaller quests.


If the Nerevarine is male, he can visit the Khajiit Ahnassi in the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad. Raise her disposition to 50 and she will be interested. Choose the smooth moves and her profession dialogue topics and then Give Ahnassi the gift of friendship. She'll plead with the Nerevarine to come and visit her often. This opens up a string of quests with her.


  1. Meet Ahnassi in the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad and smooth talk her.
  2. Give Ahnassi the gift of friendship by acting on her tip about a special belt.
  3. Share a care with Ahnassi to learn that a Camonna Tong thug, Daren Adryn, has threatened her.
  4. Travel to Gnaar Mok and kill him.
  5. Return to have Ahnassi clear your criminal record.
  6. Hear about a key to the Redoran Treasury in Vivec and rob the vaults.
  7. Ahnassi's friend J'Dhannar has become addicted to Skooma. Convince him to stop.
  8. (Optional) Visit Ahnassi's friend, the Acrobatics Master trainer Senyndie, for better prices and a skill book.
  9. Bring Ahnassi two flowers, a Coda Flower and a Gold Kanet.
  10. Steal a Flamemirror Robe from a Telvanni wizard in return for 20 ebony throwing stars.
  11. Pick up the Elvul's Black Blindfold from the Imperial Commission inside Ebonheart.



Once the Nerevarine and Ahnassi are properly acquainted, she'll reveal that the guest Hrordis, upstairs, has a magic belt and worships Mehrunes Dagon. However, Hrordis won't talk to the Nerevarine.


Speaking to Ahnassi about the new friend topic will open up the share a gift option, which will allow her to give the Nerevarine a Quality Potion of Feather.

Cammona Tong thugsEdit

Select the share a care topic with Ahnassi and she will tell of a Camonna Tong thug, Daren Adryn, who has frightened her by trying to force her to join the guild. Go and pay Daren a surprise visit in Nadene Rotheran's shack in Gnaar Mok. Talking to him about Ahnassi will only delay the inevitable fight with him and the other three Camonna Tong members in the shack. Return to Ahnassi and she will clear the Nerevarine's criminal record. She will also give some new gifts including an Extravagant Shirt and Pants as well as the Short Blade skill book 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 30.

Once Daren has been taken care of, Ahnassi will say that the Redoran agent Beldrose Dralor has a key to two small chests in the Redoran Treasury in Vivec City. The Dralor Manor is located in the Vivec, Redoran Canton in Vivec and the key can be found in an unlocked chest in the top bedroom. The two chests are on a table in the treasury's lowest level, just watch out for the guards who will attack if they see the Nerevarine take anything. It is possible to unlock the lower Redoran Vault door using this key.

Skooma addictEdit

Return and select the share a care dialogue topic. She will tell the Nerevarine about her former mate, J'Dhannar. J'Dhannar is a skooma addict who lives in the St. Olms Canton in Vivec and Ahnassi wants the Nerevarine to persuade him to quit the drug. He can be found on the lower level of St. Olms on the canalworks section and becomes quite irate when the Nerevarine tries to cure him. Speak with Ladia Flarugrius upstairs in the Half-Way Tavern, who will suggest the book Confessions of a Skooma-Eater, at Jobasha's Rare Books in the Foreign Quarter where it is for sale at 25 GoldIcon. Another copy of the book is sold by Codus Callonus in Ald'ruhn. Return to J'Dhannar with the book and, with a disposition of 50, he can be cured with success.

Once this is done, return to Ahnassi and hear that J'Dhannar has indeed quit the skooma and has returned home to Elsweyr. Ahnassi now considers the Nerevarine her very special friend and invites the Nerevarine to visit her home in town, and gives him a key. Her house can be used by the Nerevarine for housing and storage. Ahnassi will now be found in her house from this point on.


Once the Nerevarine and Ahnassi move in together, the Nerevarine has the chance to meet with Ahnassi's friend, Senyndie, at the Arena Canton in Vivec City. Mention Ahnassi to Senyndie her disposition will become maximum, and she will give a free copy of The Black Arrow, Book I. Senyndie is also the master trainer for Acrobatics in the game and will provide a discount on training.


Speak with Ahnassi again using the share a gift topic to learn that she wants two flowers, a Coda Flower and a Gold Kanet. Look at the crossroads west of Pelagiad for a large amount of Gold Kanet. The coda is more difficult to find, and is actually the flower of the Draggle Tail plants found along the Bitter Coast region. The best place to find them is between Seyda Neen and the stronghold of Hlormaren far to the northwest. A Coda can also be bought from Peragon at Moonmoth Legion Fort. Return the flowers to Ahnassi.


Once the Nerevarine gives her the flowers, Ahnassi will ask the Nerevarine to steal a Flamemirror Robe from the wizard Mavon Drenim in the Telvanni Canton. Drenim is a powerful opponent. Either face the wizard and kill him if possible, or take the stealthy approach and take the robe from the closet. Return it to Ahnassi for 20 Ebony Throwing Stars.


The last quest from Ahnassi, revealed again by her "share a gift" topic, will task the Nerevarine with retrieving Elvul's Black Blindfold from the Imperial Commission in Ebonheart. Ahnassi will mention that it is well guarded and that there is a secret entrance located underwater just outside of Ebonheart.

If her advice is taken, the Nerevarine will be attacked in the secret entrance by Furius Acilius. He is a tougher than average fight though, and wears one of the best cuirasses in the game (the Lord's Mail). After progressing through the passages, the Nerevarine will need to get by two locked doors which are level 95, which can be tricky with a low security skill, although the Worn Imperial Key found in one of the crates in the passage will open one of them. The alternative route is simply to enter the Imperial Commission through the front door.

The Blindfold, which is actually a glove, is behind the level 50 locked door. The key can also pickpocketed from Rufinus Alleius. Grab the glove from the chest of drawers, and then return to Ahnassi.


Ahnassi, a Special Friend – Romance_Ahnassi
IDJournal Entry
1Ahnassi gave me the book 'Honor Among Thieves as a gift.
  • Quest accepted
30Ahnassi is my friend, and will tell me secrets.
32Hrordis upstairs has a magic belt and worships Mehrunes Dagon.
33Ahnassi told me that some Camonna Tong thug has been threatening her. She asked me to protect her, but I told her I couldn't make any commitments.
  • Quest failed
37Ahnassi gave me a Quality Potion of Feather as a gift.
40I have offered to take care of the bad person who has threatened Ahnassi. The bad person is Daren Adryn, a Dark Elf, and a Camonna Tong bigwig. Ahnassi says he is found at Nadene Rotheran's Shack in Gnaar Mok.
42I spoke to Daren Adryn about Ahnassi, but he said he never heard of her, and that is wasn't any of my business, anyway. Then he threatened me, and told me to go away.
45I took care of the bad person, Daren Adryn, the Camonna Tong thug who threatened Ahnassi. Ahnassi thanked me, and says she wishes to share a gift, a special gift, with her true and good friend.
50Ahnassi gave me as a special gift an extravagant shirt and pants, and with them a very special book.
60Ahnassi says that Beldrose Dralor has a special key to special chests in the Redoran Treasury at the Redoran Compound in Vivec. He hides this key in his wife's clothes chest in his manor on the tier-top of Redoran Compound.
65Ahnassi has asked me to find her mate called J'Dhannar. He is a skooma addict, and he lives where he can in St. Olms Canton. I have agreed to try to find him, and to try to persuade him to give up the sugar. I don't know how to do this. Perhaps I should find out whether there is a cure for the skooma addict.
70I found and spoke to J'Dhannar, but he says that all the world knows there is no cure for a skooma addict. He is certainly trapped in despair. But could he be wrong? Perhaps I must continue to search for someone who knows of a cure for a skooma addict.
75I gave J'Dhannar a book, 'Confessions of a Dunmer Skooma-Eater,' and he promised to read it. He told me to return to Ahnassi and to tell her that J'Dhannar is sorry, and he forgives her, and he will always have Ahnassi in his heart, but their bond is broken now, for better or worse, and they must each find their own way alone.
80Ahnassi has asked me to come visit her at Ahnassi's house. Ahnassi gave me the key, and told me the house is here in Pelagiad, across the street from the Halfway, by the fort wall, off the street, with the stone fences nearby.
81Ahnassi has a friend, Senyndie, a Redguard female, who trains fighters at the Arena in Vivec. Ahnassi says that Senyndie is a secret master of the guild discipline called 'acrobatics.' Ahnassi says I should go see Senyndie and tell her I am Ahnassi's friend, and perhaps Senyndie will teach me more about acrobatics.
82Ahnassi says it is my turn to give her a gift. She wants just two flowers -- one coda flower for Ahnassi, and one pretty gold kanet for me.
83I brought Ahnassi her two flowers -- one coda flower for Ahnassi, and one pretty gold kanet for me. Now she says it is my turn again to ask Ahnassi to share a gift.
85Ahnassi says that a friend has told her that the wizard Mavon Drenim has a Flamemirror Robe that he does not wear, but keeps in his clothes closet at the Telvanni Tower of the Telvanni Compound in Vivec. Ahnassi wants me to get this Flamemirror Robe and show it to her, to show her how smart I am.
87I gave Ahnassi the Flamemirror Robe as a gift. I think she was impressed. In return, she gave me a set of 20 ebony throwing stars. I don't believe I've ever heard of so many in one place. I don't know whether to keep them use them, or sell them. They're worth a fortune.
90Ahnassi says there is a secret underwater passage into the Imperial Commission in Ebonheart. She also says that Elvul's Black Blindfold, a magic glove which blinds and befuddles archers, may be found in a wardrobe in the living quarters of the Imperial Commission. The Imperial Commission will be guarded by tough Imperial guards, but if I can find the hidden entrance, I may be able to avoid the guards.
95I thanked Anhassi [sic] [Do not change this to Ahnassi. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] for the tip she gave me that led me to the Flamemirror Robe.
  • Quest completed
Ahnassi, a Special Friend – romance_ahnassi_A
1I spoke to Ahnassi's friend, Senyndie, a secret master of acrobatics. Senyndie says she might be able to teach me things, and that she loves to help Ahnassi with her schemes.
  • Quest completed
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