"Careful where you step, outlander. This land drank the blood of Ahemmusa heroes. I would not want it to drink yours as well."

Ahnat-Suna is a Dunmer Ashlander of the Ahemmusa Tribe, located in Ald'ruhn on Vvardenfell. As part of the celebration of Skar's defeat, she guards and prays to the cairn of the First Ashkhan of the Ahemmusa.


I'd like to know more about the Ahemmusa tribe. "We seek silence, and little else. The open path, a stiff breeze, the crunch of lava stone beneath our feet, the sighing heat of the fire river... There is no greater wealth—no greater comfort. Outsiders bring nothing but noise and sorrow."

Do the other tribes believe this as well? "In their hearts? Yes. In their minds? No. The other Ashlanders busy themselves with prophecy and war. Eyes always on the horizon and never on their feet. But that matters little. As long as they leave us alone, we remain content."


  • "You carry an Ashen Fern, as did the hunters of old. It is a traditional offering for the First Ashkhan, who taught us how to use it to mask our scent. Place it on the cairn if you have come to pay your respects." — During "Ancestral Ties"
  • "A fire rages in your heart—that much is clear. Careful that it does not consume you. Our First Ashkhan, Nalor, favors the cautious heart."
  • "The Ahemmusa tribe does not know this Hleran, son of Dranoth. I hope your faith in him is not misplaced." — After "Ancestral Ties"


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