Ahrtabazus was a noted Altmer scholar during the Second Era.[1]

Faerie Chain theoryEdit

While studying in the Crystal Tower of Summerset Isle, he developed a theory about Faerie (Fey), in which Fey variants are placed on a hierarchical chain based on similar features and propensities for magicka. This chain begins with Pixies (Whilloki) at one end, followed by elves, then nephrine, with human and semi-human beings in the middle, and the godlike beings such as GheateusChonus, and Sygria at the other end. This hierarchical chain is not an order of command, since the plans and schemes of Faerie are governed simply by their own whim.[1]

His book, The Faerie Chain, was published in Firsthold in 2E 456.[1]

The Faerie Chain theory was new and completely original, however it proved controversial since it placed elves only slightly above pixies. Ahrtabazus was challenged on his assumptions based on very slight coincidences, although with modification, his Faerie Chain theory has gained wider acceptance since its publication. However, most faerie scholars agree that because the theory is based on coincidental evidence and supported by auxiliary theories, it may very well be wrong.[1]



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