Aicantar's Spider is a Dwarven Spider acquired by the mage Aicantar, who is the nephew of Calcelmo. The Spider has been modified by him. It is unique in that its movements can be controlled via its Spider Control Rod.


Unlike other Dwarven Spiders, Aicantar's Spider is docile, and will only move when commanded to move via the Spider Control Rod. The spider seems to make a connection to the person using the Control Rod, as he attacks anyone who shows hostility towards its wielder.

As detailed in Aicantar's Lab Journal, the spider, like most Dwemer machinery, will not function when taken out of the ancient Dwemer ruins turned museum and laboratory used by Aicantar and Calcelmo.

It can be used to act as a pseudo-follower to help the Dragonborn fight in the Dwemer Museum, but it remains quite weak and can easily be destroyed if enemies focus their attacks on it.


Hard AnswersEdit

Karliah believes the only proof that could expose Mercer's treachery can be found within the pages of Gallus's Journal which she recovered from Snow Veil Sanctum. Unfortunately, the journal is written in some sort of code that needs to be deciphered. Enthir should be able to help, one of Karliah and Gallus's former acquaintances who is a wizard at the College of Winterhold.


  • The spider appears to have no use outside of the Dwemer Museum.
  • More effective on higher difficulties if Call to Arms is used on it after acquiring Master of the Mind from the Illusion perk list.
  • If the Dragonborn does not give it any orders and nobody hostile is around, Aicantar's Spider may look down and scratch the ground, or straighten its legs to become almost their height and take a look around.


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