"Missing Argonians and murdered Dunmer are one thing, but when one of our leaders goes missing, that's quite another. The other vicecanons can't ignore this."
―Aide Diina[src]

Aide Diina is a Dunmer residing in Stormhold.


What is a vicecanon? "The vicecanons represent each of the Pact's territories: Skyrim, Morrowind, and Black Marsh. Each were forged in the Akaviri War, and are competent in both strategy and diplomacy. Together, they oversee the safety and prosperity of Shadowfen."

Who are the vicecanons? "Vicecanon Hrondar hails from Skyrim, and is the most vocal of the three. Vicecanon Servyna came from Morrowind after the Pact's unification. Vicecanon Heita-Meen is also a relative newcomer to Black Marsh. Her history may be in question, but her aptitude certainly is not."
What can you tell me about Stormhold? "Interesting town, isn't it? It's the largest in Shadowfen, and one of the few places you'll find Dunmer architecture. Legend has it the Hist conquered the Ayleids who once lived here. Complete nonsense, but an amusing story nonetheless."


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