Aiding and Abetting is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. Carnius has asked the Nerevarine to help cover up Uryn Maren's theft of ore from the mines.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Speak with Carnius Magius
  • Get the Raw Ebony from Uryn Maren's house
  • Deliver the ebony to Carnius Magius
  • Speak with Uryn Maren
  • Give Aldam Berendus the Flin
  • Follow Aldam Berendus
  • Wait for Uryn Maren to speak with you
  • Return to Carnius Magius

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

If the Nerevarine sided with Carnius, upon completing the quest "Supply Route Problems," he will inform the Nerevarine that he has had Uryn Maren steal ore from Raven Rock mine to sell. He thinks Falco is growing suspicious, and may soon investigate Uryn. Carnius therefore asks the Nerevarine to take the ore from Uryn's house and bring it to him. Carnius will supply a key to Uryn's house and the chest in which the ebony is stored.

Head to Raven Rock and enter Uryn Maven's house. The chest with the ebony will be in the bedroom behind the door to the left. The ebony will weigh a total of 50 WeightIcon.png, so make sure you have enough inventory space to handle it. The house is left unattended, so go ahead and take anything else you want.

Return to Carnius and give him the ebony. He will tell the Nerevarine that Falco is still suspicious, and has posted a guard in front of the ebony storeroom. He asks the Nerevarine to speak with Uryn Maren so that they can devise a plan to distract the guard, so that the thieving can continue.

Head to Raven Rock mine and speak with Uryn. He will tell the Nerevarine that the guard, Aldam Berendus, has a fondness for whiskey that could be used against him. He will give the Nerevarine a bottle of flin to give to Aldam, and will start walking towards the storeroom.

Follow Uryn to the storeroom and give the flin to Aldam. Aldam will say he probably shouldn't drink it in view of everybody, and will walk off to a different room. Follow him there. After a while, Uryn will approach you and tell you to return to Carnius.

Return to Carnius and he will give you a reward of 1000 Gold.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Aiding and Abetting
Carnius has asked me to help cover up Uryn Maren's theft of ore from the mines. I need to find the locked chest in his house and get the ore out.
  • Quest accepted
I've taken all the ore out of the chest in Uryn Maren's house, and should report back to Carnius.
Carnius is concerned that Uryn Maren is still under suspicion, but needs him to steal more ore. I've been tasked with distracting the guard in the mine so Uryn can sneak into the storeroom. I should find Uryn in the mine and come up with a plan.
I've talked to Uryn Maren, who is going to sneak over near the storeroom. Once I've gotten the guard out of the way, he'll sneak in.
Uryn Maren has completed his task. I should report back to Carnius.
Carnius was pleased that Uryn Maren was able to get the job done.
  • Quest complete

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