"I can talk about Orcs and their accomplishments all day, but I'm sure you're here for my wares. What can I get you today?"
―Ajac Falbert[src]

Ajac Falbert is a Breton mystic and member of Mages Guild residing in the city of Orsinium. He can be found at his shop Soul and Stone, located on the second floor of the local guildhall's main hall, selling his wares.


  • "Back in Wayrest, we often consider Orcs to be brutish savages. But tell me, friend, could brutes and savages build such a magnificent city? I think not!"
  • "Have you visited the museum yet? Fascinating place. Who knew the Orcs had such a rich history? Do buy something before you go, though!"
  • "Orcs. What a fascinating people! If they were of one mind, I dare say they'd be unstoppable! But I digress. What can I do for you?"


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