"Then prepare for battle! I'll not let this fort fall to the dogs of Reman!"
―Akaviri Commander Mishaxhi[src]

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Akaviri Commander Mishaxhi was an Akaviri warrior and the commander of the Akaviri forces when they attempted to invade Cyrodiil from the north, through Pale Pass.

He was also guarding an ancient Akaviri artifact known as the Draconian Madstone which the countess of Bruma, Narina Carvain, hires the Hero to find in the quest Lifting the Vale.


Lifting the ValeEdit

When the Hero speaks with the Countess in Castle Bruma, she mentions that she is an avid collector of Akaviri items and considers her collection the most complete in all of Cyrodiil.

However, one artifact, the Draconian Madstone, has eluded her for some time. Based from an old, transcribed Akaviri diary, Carvain believes that it can be found at the legendary Pale Pass, an Akaviri fort deep within the northern mountains.


Lifting the ValeEdit

"We have awaited your arrival, messenger."
"You have made a long and perilous journey, but there is no time to rest. The Army of Reman is at our doorstep, and our supplies have dwindled. We have awaited your arrival. Tell us, what news do you bring from Akavir?"

I'm here for the Madstone. "How dare you address me that way, soldier! Your insolence will not be tolerated!
Here are your orders. (Without the orders) "Lies do not befit a soldier of Akavir!"
Here are your orders. "Well done, soldier. Your mission is complete, and you have my thanks. Now we may rest. Long live the Akavir!"
I'm from the Army of Reman! "Then prepare for battle! I'll not let this fort fall to the dogs of Reman!"


  • "You'll taste my steel, Reman dog!" ― In combat
  • "Die, cur!" ― In combat

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