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Akha; also known as The First Cat,[note 1] the Pathfinder, and the One Unmourned;[1] is the first of the Khajiiti gods to whom Ahnurr and Fadomai gave birth.[1] Akha is one of the "Wandering Spirits" of the Khajiiti pantheon.[1] Akha was Ahnurr's favored son, and therefore Ahnurr told him to find love. By doing as his father told him, Akha had made the dragons, who are all his children, with his firstborn Alkhan being another spirit in the pantheon.[1] After mating and making the dragons, Akha disappeared, with Alkosh appearing in his stead, speaking warnings of the things Akha had made.[1]

Nature and identity[]

Akha explored the heavens in the earliest days, when Ahnurr and Fadomai were still in love, and his trails became the "Many Paths."[1] Akha shares similarities with the deity named Aka, or Aka-Tusk,[UL 1][UL 2] the time god who was shattered into various time gods at the beginning of time.[UL 1]


  1. Both Alkosh and Akha are referred to as "The First Cat."


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