Not to be confused with Akaviri.

Akorithi was a Redguard, and the Queen of the city-state of Sentinel in Hammerfell. She and her husband, Camaron of Sentinel, ruled a large swathe of land in northern Hammerfell. However, her husband was killed at the Battle of Cryngaine Field during the War for Betony, and she was forced to step down from her position as Queen of Sentinel. She produced two male heirs for Camaron, Greklith and Lhotun, as well as giving birth to their eldest child and daughter Aubk'i.

Sometime after the agent of Uriel Septim VII helped Prince Lhotun gain information about the eldest son of the royal family of Sentinel, he received a summons from Queen Akorithi. The Queen asked the agent to retrieve a painting from somewhere in Wayrest Castle. She claimed the painting was an heirloom of the now deceased King Lysandus of Daggerfall. The painting was somehow magical, the scene in the painting shifted and twisted. The agent clearly could see the inside of a tent. Several men in the livery of Wayrest were intensely arguing with a man bearing the coat of arms of Daggerfall. One of the Wayrest men slipped behind the Daggerfall man, drew a dagger, and casually slid it between his ribs. The image then disappeared as soon as the life ebbed from his body, and then started over again.

Queen Akorithi was one of the wielders of the Numidium. She was one of the seven retrievers of the Totem of Tiber Septim, a tool for controlling the Dwemer construct. Originally, there was only one Totem of Tiber Septim, but a strange time warping effect known as the Warp in the West made all seven parties of the Iliac Bay receive the Totem.

Several years after the Warp of the West, a plague struck Sentinel. The plague took the Queen's life as well as Crown Prince Greklith's life, leaving the throne to Prince Lhotun.


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