"Akos Kasaz: Biggest of all, ruler and rebel, moody and many-sided, gentle and brutal."
Hazadiyya Sea-Queen[src]

Akos Kasaz was a region on the lost continent of Yokuda. It was described as a steppe and was said to have been populated by Yokudan herding clans. Unlike the rest of Yokuda, that believed in the Yokudan Pantheon, tribes here believed and worshiped the Herd-Mother.[1]

Sometime in the First Era centuries before the great cataclysm of Yokuda an unknown force is believed to have endangered this unique belief. This drove the herding clans to migrate to Tamriel and eventually become the people known as the Horsemen.[1]

The capital of Akos Kasaz was the long-lost city of Totambu, which was lost along with Yokuda.[2]

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