Aksel Rockbiter is an Orsimer adventurer. He may become the personal blacksmithing hireling for the Vestige, should they choose to allocate points into the Miner Hireling skill for blacksmithing, once they reach the appropriate level. He will send a letter with select materials to the Vestige on a daily basis, although the items he sends may be improved with additional points into the Miner Hireling skill.

Hireling Letters[edit | edit source]

Aksel may send the Vestige multiple letters to their inbox, detailing his adventures as he gathers resources for the Vestige. The following are a collection of the letters that he will send:

  1. Greetings! I am Aksel Rockbiter. I heard a lot about you. I am sure you have heard of me too. I am the greatest finder of things ever! I have made my first delivery. I hope you enjoy it. More will come soon! - Aksel
  2. Hello. It is me again, Aksel. Aksel Rockbiter. I hope you used my first delivery to make swords that kill people. I like swords. Sharp ones are best, but sometimes I cut myself with them. Anyway, here are some supplies. Enjoy!
  3. Aksel here. Thank you for the monies. I use them to buy potions for Mother. She has pains in her joints. The potions help. I rub them on her joints. Sometimes I do not like this, but she is my Mother. So I rub. I will write soon, Aksel Rockbiter.
  4. Guess who this is. No, it is Aksel! I write you again to tell you I have found more supplies for you. You sound like a good blacksmith, so I think you need lots of supplies. And so I bring some. Your friend, Aksel Rockbiter.
  5. You have needs, Aksel provides! Once again, supplies for you. I hope you are using them to make swords. Swords are nice. - Aksel
  6. Sorry these supplies are late. Mother had her pains again. Much rubbing was needed. I was late filling your order. Please do not fire me. It will not happen again.
  7. Someone tried to poke me with a sword today. I hope is was not one of yours, as it broke. I know you would not make such a bad sword, not with the good supplies I send you. Best wishes, Aksel.
  8. Mother hit me today. She says my writing is not good. I say it is the thought that matters. She says my thoughts are not good too. I am sad but I still send supplies. I hope you are still my friend. - Aksel
  9. I hope you are well. Mother says that maybe you do not make swords at all. May be you make armor. I like swords, but armor is good too. - Aksel Rockbiter
  10. I am sorry if you ran out of supplies. Here are more. Please do not fire me. I had to travel very far to find them. I was late getting home and Mother was very worried. She hit me many times. - Aksel
  11. Sometimes, I wonder about this line of work. Mother says it is not good for me. Too many people and monsters try to kill me when I look for your supplies. Do not worry, I am still alive. And I am still Aksel Rockbiter.
  12. I hope you like what I found for you today. I am very proud of myself. I had to fight a big bear and two little bears for it! The little bears bit my ankles. That hurt but I can still walk. Slowly. Enjoy your supplies.
  13. Greetings. Very sore today. Sent what I could find. Hope it is enough. - Aksel
  14. Feeling much better today. I know you were worried. Worry no more, my friend. I hope you are happy with your supplies today. I was happy not to be so sore. I think we are both happy. That makes me happy. - Aksel
  15. Sometimes, I wish you were a breadsmith. Bread is easy to find! Your supplies are not easy to find. Also, bread is easy to work with too! It is very soft. And if you make mistakes, you can eat them! Think of it, please.
  16. Mother says I am dumb. She says that a lot. She says that you will think I do not want to bring you supplies anymore. That is not true! I love bringing you supplies. Here are some more. Please do not fire me. - Aksel (Aksel Rockbiter)
  17. I do not like Mother, sometimes. She is mean. Could I come live with you? I could bring yore [sic] [Do not change this to your. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] supplies faster that way. Think of it. - Aksel
  18. Forget I said that thing I said yesterday. I love Mother. She told me so and said I could not leave. I leave yore [sic] [Do not change this to your. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] supplies for you and now go home to Mother. -Aksel Rockbiter
  19. Do you have someone to love? I hope so. I have Mother and she says that is all I need. A Mother's love is the best love, I am told. Enjoy your supplies. -Aksel
  20. I worked extra hard today to get you your supplies. I hope you are happy. Mother sends her love. - Aksel Rockbiter
  21. Today was a good day. Lots of supplies for you. And Mother has gone to visit her sister, so the hut is all mine. It is a very good day. -Aksel
  22. Mother still visiting her sister. My friends visited last night. We drank a lot of mead, which Mother does not allow. It was a good night but today is a bad day. My head hurts but I still found supplies for you. -Askel Bockriter [sic] [Do not change this to Rockbiter. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.]
  23. Another bad day. Mother is back. She is mad. After drinking mead, my friends wore all her clothes. It was funny but now they are all ripped. Mother yelled at me. All night. Here are your supplies. I go to sleep now. -Aksel
  24. Mother took all my monies! To buy new clothes! I say unfair but she hit me until I gave her the monies. Now I need more so here are some supplies. -Aksel
  25. I am not speaking to Mother today. She has all new clothes. With my monies. It is not fair. I will not speak to her until she gives me my monies back. Enjoy your supplies.
  26. I did not sleep in the hut last night. Mother yelled too much. I sleeped in a barn. A cow pooped on me during the night. A little got on your supplies but I scraped it off. -Aksel
  27. I met a girl today! She is very nice. I like her. She says I am big and strong. Mother says I am little and weak. Her name is Narasgi. The girl, not Mother. I am very excited. - Aksel Rockbiter
  28. Narasgi wrote her name on my arm. That is how I remember. She helped me get your supplies today. That is why they are here so soon. Your friend, Aksel.
  29. I am very excited again. Tonight, I bring Narasgi home to Mother. Mother will love her, I am sure. I almost forget your supplies, I am so excited, but Narasgi reminded me. - Aksel
  30. Mother did not like Narasgi. I am sure you are surprised. I was sure Mother would love her like I do. As soon as we got home, Mother yelled at me and hit me. Then Narasgi yelled at Mother and hit her. There was no dinner.
  31. Today was a bad day. Mother was mad at me. Narasgi was mad at me. I hope you are not mad at me too. Have some supplies. -Aksel
  32. Mother and Narasgi are not talking to me today. Not sure if this is a good day or a bad one. More supplies for you. -Aksel
  33. Good day today. Good supplies for you. And Naragsi talked to me today! She told me to shut up and go away. She still likes me!
  34. Hello again. Mother still not speaking to me. I like it. Naragsi helped me get your supplies. May be you can smell her perfume on them? That is the best smell. - Aksel
  35. Mother spoke to me today. Very loudly. She does not like Narasgi. She says Narasgi wants to kill her and eat her. I do not think so. Narasgi is not Bosmer, I do not think. - Aksel
  36. It is Aksel again. Narasgi says to ignore Mother. I cannot ignore Mother. I do not know what ignore means. I am confused. But I left supplies for you.
  37. Narasgi is very good to me. She is teaching me to write better. You may have seen that writing is hard for me. But no more! I will still get supplies for you, never fear! - Aksel
  38. It is me, Aksel. Narasgi taught me to spell the right way. I am very proud. I hope you enjoy your supplies very much. - Aksel
  39. Mother still does not like Narasgi. She says she is bossy and mean. Narasgi tells me to ignore Mother. She told me what that means too, so now I will try. but [sic] [Do not change this to But. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] Mother is hard to ignore. - Aksel Rockbiter
  40. I am better now. Narasgi likes me again, I am sure. And when Mother talks about her, I do the ignore. This makes me happy. I hope you are happy with your supplies. - Your friend very much, Aksel
  41. How is Mother like a tree? They are both best when they leave! Narasgi told me that joke today. I laughed so hard mead came out my nose. I did not tell Mother the joke. I think she would not like it. - Aksel
  42. Mother is mad at me. Every time I see her, I think of Narasgi's joke and I laugh. But I can't tell Mother what is funny. That makes her mad. Enjoy your supplies!
  43. I was bit by wolves today. I was looking for your supplies when I saw a tree. I thought of Mother and laughed again, very loud. Wolves heard me and bit me all over. Some blood is on your supplies. I hope you do not mind. - Aksel
  44. Hello, my friend! Another good day today. I spent it with Narasgi. We looked for your supplies, of course. Enjoy your day! - Aksel
  45. It is very strange, how happy I feel. May be it is Narasgi. May be it is Mother not speaking to me again. May be both. Anyway I am happy. I hope you are too. - Aksel
  46. I like being Aksel very much. Every time Narasgi says my name, I feel funny in my stomach. Sometimes I throw up, which makes Narasgi laugh. I like to make her laugh but I do not like to throw up. - Aksel
  47. I thought a lot today. Thinking hurts my head so I try not to do it. Narasgi is a nice girl. She reminds me of Mother. A lot. I got your supplies. Now I must lie down for awhile, then think some more. - Aksel
  48. It is Aksel again. I think I will ask Narasgi to marry me. I think this is a good idea. I think I need to lie down again.
  49. Hello friend. I am going to ask Narasgi to marry me. Today. My stomach feels very funny. I hope I do not throw up on Narasgi until after I ask her. Wish me lucks! - Aksel
  50. Aksel here. I asked her. Then I threw up. That was a mistake. Narasgi asked for time to think. I hope it does not hurt her head. I got supplies for you while waiting for Narasgi to think.
  51. Narasgi still thinking. I am worried. It does not take me that long to think. Mother says Narasgi does not like me. Sometimes I hate Mother. - Aksel
  52. I am very sad. Narasgi is still thinking. Mother is right. She does not love me. Narasgi, not Mother. Mother loves me. She tells me all the time. May be a mother's love is best. I am still sad though. - Aksel
  53. Happy, happy, happy! Narasgi will marry me! I am so happy. Mother was wrong! Here are your supplies, I must go see Narasgi again. - Aksel Rockbiter
  54. I am happy, Narasgi is happy, Mother is mad. I hope you are happy not mad. Mother yells when she is mad. You do not yell at me. That is why I like you. Plus the monies you send me. - Aksel
  55. Narasgi thinks we should get a hut of our own when were are married. Mother thinks Narasgi should get a hut and live there alone. I like Narasgi's idea better. More supplies for you!
  56. This is Aksel. Sorry I was late with your supplies. Mother and Narasgi were fighting and my head hurt. Mother wants to live with us in our hut. Narasgi said over her dead body. Mother said that would be ice.  Then they fought.  My head hurts again.
  57. They are still fighting. Mother and Narasgi. I stayed away all day, getting supplies for you. I am afraid to go back to the hut. I will sleep on the ground tonight and hope the bears do not eat me. - Aksel
  58. The bears did not eat me. It is Aksel, if you could not tell. I have not gone home yet. The woods seem safer. I found lots of supplies for you. - Aksel
  59. I went home today. Mother is not speaking to me again. [sic] [Do not change this to ,. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] but she did speak to tell me she was mad at me. Then she stopped.  It was nice.  Here are your supplies. - Aksel
  60. Narasgi says that you are not interested in my personal life. I do not believe that as you are my friend. I will keep telling you things but not tell Narasgi. You do not tell her too please. - Aksel
  61. Is blacksmith a dangerous job? Narasgi thinks my job is too full of danger. She wants me to do a safer job once we are married. But I like my job. Today I found some good supplies for you. - Aksel
  62. Narasgi and me had our first fight. It was about you. I want to keep working for you. She does not want me to. We talked about it all day, sometimes very loudly. We are not talking now. - Aksel
  63. Aksel here. We are talking again. Narasgi and me. She wants to get married right away. Mother says we should wait. I have to go lie down and think. I hope it does not hurt too much.
  64. My head hurts today. Narasgi and me are getting married tomorrow. We found you some good supplies today and did not fight at all. - Aksel
  65. I am married! To Narasgi! Oh, it is me, Aksel. Left you some supplies. Must go now. -Aksel
  66. Married life is good! I do not know why I did not get married long ago. But no one would have me, I guess. Must go now. - Aksel
  67. Now that I am married, I must provide for my family. Mother and Narasgi tell me this. So I am working extra hard to find you good supplies. - Aksel
  68. Narasgi is with me all the time now. Mother has told her she must keep an eye on me. I do not know why. But we find supplies for you very fast now! Your friend, Aksel.
  69. Hello. It is me. Aksel. Narasgi and me worked all morning to find supplies for you. Then we looked at huts. For us to live in. Huts cost a lot of monies. We need to find many more supplies for you.
  70. Here are your supplies, early today. More hut shopping for me and Narasgi. Life was simpler when I lived with Mother but not as much fun. - Aksel
  71. Huts, huts, huts. I am sick of looking at huts! I never want to see another hut! I said this to Narasgi and she growled at me. She never growled at me before we were married. More huts tomorrow I think. - Aksel.
  72. I had a good idea. We could live in Mother's hut! With Mother! It would save lots of monies. Narasgi growled at me again. So I went out and found some supplies for you. - Aksel
  73. Aksel Rockbiter here. I am sending your supplies before Narasgi and me go looking at huts again. I do not say I am sick of looking at huts anymore. Goodbye for now.
  74. Today was a good day. Narasgi said she is sick of looking at huts! We spent all day finding your supplies. I hope you make some good swords with them! - Aksel
  75. We are going to stay with Mother! Oh, this is Aksel. Narasgi says we will live with Mother until we can buy a hut of our own. Now to tell Mother the good news. I left supplies for you in the same place. - Aksel Rockbiter
  76. Mother does not want us! I am very sad. Narasgi is very mad. She told me to find your supplies and she will talk to Mother again. I hope they do not hurt each other. - Aksel
  77. Mother wants us! She and Narasgi talked and talked. Mother has black eyes from all the talking. And now she wants us to live in her hut! I am so happy. I almost forgot your supplies, but here they are. - Aksel
  78. Narasgi moved into Mother's hut today. I moved back in too. Mother made me sleep outside with the pigs since me and Narasgi got married. I will have a good sleep tonight. Supplies are here for you. - Aksel Rockbiter
  79. I had a good sleep. I hope you did too. Narasgi snores but I put mud in my ears and slept. Oh, this is Aksel Rockbiter again. I have your supplies, as always.
  80. Mother complained about Narasgi snoring. She complained loudly. Then Narasgi looked at her and Mother stopped complaining. That has never happened before. I am happy they are getting along so good. - Aksel
  81. A quiet hut is a happy hut. I made that up just now. Me, Aksel Rockbiter! Our hut is very happy. Mother is very quiet. Sometimes I forget she is even here. Life is good. Your supplies are good too. - Aksel
  82. More supplies for you! Narasgi sent me out early today. She and Mother are moving furniture. We have only three tree stumps for chairs and one big stump for a table but it took them all day. I am just happy they are happy. - Aksel
  83. Do you know any more blacksmiths? Narasgi wants me to make more monies. I will be very busy with more customers but Narasgi does not mind. She says it is good for me to be out in the fresh air. She is very good to me. - Aksel
  84. I found another blacksmith! I am very happy. I will try very hard to not mix up your supplies with hers. Narasgi says Mother will help me. I left supplies for you. I hope they are yours. - Aksel
  85. Narasgi found me two more blacksmiths to supply. She says we must diverspiffy...spread out. I am very very busy now. Your friend Aksel.
  86. Do not worry. You are my best blacksmith. The others mean nothing to me. - Aksel
  87. Are you happy with your supplies? Narasgi says your happiness is very important to us. Please let Mother know if you are not happy. She handles all our complaints. - Aksel of The Aksel Rockbiter Supply Company
  88. I am sorry about my last note. Narasgi made me write it. I write this note in secret. I hope you are still my friend even though I find supplies for other blacksmiths. - Aksel
  89. Too busy to write much. Your supplies are here. Your friend Aksel.
  90. Narasgi and me had our first married fight. I am too tired from finding all the supplies. I can not do this any more. I said this to Narasgi and she said I am a bad husband. Today was a bad day. - Aksel
  91. It is Aksel again. Narasgi and me are still fighting. I want to work only for you but Narasgi says that is not enough monies. Mother says she is on my side but when Narasgi is near she says nothing. but I still found supplies for you. -Aksel
  92. Narasgi is mad at me. She says I must find supplies for two blacksmiths but I can stop finding supplies for the others. I am happy. I was getting very tired. You are one of the two of course. - Aksel
  93. I am very happy today. I am not tired and have so much energy! I found good supplies for you. I think you will be very happy. - Aksel
  94. Narasgi and Mother are looking for furniture today. I hope it does not cost too many monies. We do not have many monies. But Narasgi says we need a bed. Mother says straw on the floor is good enough for us. Then she and Narasgi had a fight. -Aksel
  95. I do not like our new bed. It is too high off the ground. I worry about falling out at night and hurting myself. Or landing on Mother on the floor by the bed. Oh, this is Aksel. Your supplies are waiting.
  96. I fell out of bed last night. Five times. My ankle hurts. I had to walk on it all day to find your supplies. I hope you are happy. - Aksel
  97. My ankle is better today. I am getting used to the bed. I fell out only three times last night! but I stepped on Mother once and she is mad at me. More supplies for you. - Aksel Rockbiter
  98. I like our new bed. You should get one. It is good to sleep in a bed. Or under it. Mother sleeps there now so I do not step on her at night. I get more rest now so I find you lots of supplies. - Aksel
  99. Narasgi and me found supplies for you today. Narasgi told me she loves me. Then she hit me so it must be true. I am very happy. - Aksel
  100. Today was a good day. I think tomorrow will be too. I am happy, Narasgi is happy, Mother is almost happy. I hope you are happy. As always, supplies for you. - Your friend always, Aksel Rockbiter

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