A partially constructed Akulakhan

Akulakhan, also known as the "Second Numidium,"[1] was a reconstruction of the mechanical god used by Tiber Septim in his creation of the Empire, recreated by Dagoth Ur to take control of Tamriel.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Akulakhan was created by Dagoth Ur to take control of Morrowind and all of Tamriel. Dagoth Ur's main goal with Akulakhan was:

  • To be the champion of the Sixth House's armies.
  • Liberate Vvardenfell and all of Morrowind.
  • Expose the false worship of the Tribunal and destroy the political power of the Temple.
  • Drive the Empire from Morrowind.
  • Recover ancient territories stolen by Skyrim and Argonia.
  • Extend the worship of Akulakhan to all nations of Tamriel through subversion and conquest.[2]

Dagoth Ur with Akulakhan.

Akulakhan was powered by the Heart of Lorkhan, and was to be worshiped as a god by all mortals in Tamriel, as House Dagoth would serve as the god-priests of Akulakhan.[2] Dagoth Ur planned to use the power of the heart in Akulakhan to spread the Blight and Corprus through winds to Morrowind and all of Tamriel by making all mortals gods and putting them under Dagoth Ur's control.[3]

Nerevarine[edit | edit source]

Akulakhan was eventually destroyed after the Nerevarine assaulted Red Mountain, and used Kagrenac's Tools on the heart. By doing this, Dagoth Ur was killed as the heart was severed from the mortal plane and held his life force. With nothing to power it, Akulakhan was destroyed, falling into the lava below.[1]

Location[edit | edit source]

During the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, it is found inside Akulakhan's Chamber, in the Dagoth Ur Citadel.

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