"Well, you must have all of those annoying gods on your side to have made it this far, whoever you are. Even I have to admit that's pretty impressive."
―Alain Dufont[src]

Alain Dufont is the leader of a bandit group which resides in Raldbthar. He is targeted by the Dark Brotherhood after offending his ex-lover, Muiri.


At some point during his life, he heard about the murder of Friga Shatter-Shield and headed to Windhelm, hoping to swindle money from Friga's relatives. At the Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm, he met Muiri. Wanting to exploit Muiri's connections to the Shatter-Shield family, he romanced her. He robbed the Shatter-Shields, who blamed the event on Muiri. After the deed was done, Alain left her and found a hiding place in the Dwarven ruins of Raldbthar.

At some point in time, Alain came across a key for the Irkngthand Consortium. How he came into possession of this key is a mystery since no such location even exists.


Muiri, Alain's ex-lover, performs The Black Sacrament to establish a contract with the Dark Brotherhood to kill Alain. Astrid sends the Dragonborn to meet Muiri in Markarth as a representative of the organization, and Muiri sends the Dragonborn to kill Alain and Nilsine Shatter-Shield.

If Alain was killed before first speaking with Muiri, she expresses her disappointment about the way the transaction occurred and pays the Dragonborn anyway. The bonus for killing Nilsine cannot be obtained.


Found deep within Raldbthar, Alain is flanked by numerous Bandits. He wields Aegisbane, a unique enchanted warhammer. Having resist-frost potions may help. If the Dragonborn succeeds at picking an Expert-level lock, they can gain access to an elevated level behind Dufont, where lever-activated crossbows sit. He can be killed in one hit and covertly using this method. Also, there is a puddle of oil lying around Alain and his bandit guards. Ignite it with a fire spell or shout, and a few of his guards will be most likely killed.



  • Should the player have killed all of the bandits execept Alain, then sheath their weapon, Alain will speak to them and continue to say, "You had your chance to talk."
  • Even before the quest, Mourning Never Comes, Alain can be found in the ruin and can be killed.
  • Interestingly, his last name, Dufont, could be separated into two; 'Du' and 'Font'. In French, 'Du fond' roughly translates to 'from/of the bottom'. This is fitting, since Alain inhabits an underground Dwemer Ruin.


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