Alaird Dutil is a Breton residing in Evermore. He owns The Bay Tar's Mess.


"Welcome to the Bay-Tar's Mess, mate! Be careful not to step on any toes here, everyone's a little on edge, and I only allow one bar-fight per day."

Did any rows get in here? "Nope, thank the Eight. It's really something though, eh? We got a betting pool going about it. Gorour put twenty gold down on "Daedric plague." Lagbaal says they're coming out of Mauloch's arse or something. My money's on a Wyrd hex."
Wyrd? "Aye! Those faerie-fobbing witches out in the woods. Wouldn't be the first time they put a curse on us. Turned all our pants backwards once, they did."
You're kidding me. "Not even a little bit. This one time, I had twelve toads in my one of my kegs …."
…And? "And what? Bah … never mind."
How's business? "About as good as you might expect. Don't tell the regulars, but I've been watering the ale like mad. I haven't had a new shipment come in for weeks."
They haven't noticed? "Not yet. I love 'em like family, but they're not exactly guild scholars. Anyway, I'm trying my hand at brewing my own ale to make up the difference."
And how's that going? "Well I had to use stale barley for hops … and we ran out of sugar so I used some old candies I found …. Yeah, I also didn't have any yeast, so I just sort of poured some brown ale in it."
How's it taste? "Like troll piss on a hot day."
How's everyone taking the King's death? "Depends on the person, I suppose. Valerine was all torn up about it. Same with Lagbaal."
And you? "Bah. To me it's like some uncle I never met died and left me out of his will. No big deal, see?"
That's harsh. "Well, if the queen sends me some gold, I'll take it back."


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