Alandro Sul

A sketch of Alandro Sul from C0DA[UL 1]

Alandro Sul was a shield-companion of Indoril Nerevar during the War of the First Council.[1] The supposed immortal son of Azura fought alongside Nerevar at the Second Battle of Red Mountain, and fought against the great Ysmir Wulfharth. During his conflict with Wulfharth, he was said to have lost his eyesight after getting struck by Ysmir's Thu'um. Wulfharth later died after being weakened by Dumac Dwarfking and slain by Indoril Nerevar.[2] When the war was over, Alandro went to live with the Ashlanders of Vvardenfell, where he spread his belief that Nerevar had been murdered by the Tribunal.[1][3]

Alandro Sul was known to have his own armor which he wore during the battle against Wulfharth; the Wraith Mail,[2] a chainmail headpiece that was made of a thousand ringlets.[UL 2]



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