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|image = Alarvyne Indalas.jpg
|image = Alarvyne Indalas.png
|race = [[Dunmer (Morrowind)|Dunmer]]
|race = [[Dunmer (Morrowind)|Dunmer]]
|gender = Female
|gender = Female

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"Greetings, friend. How can I help you? We have an excellent selection of glassware, although getting more exotic items has become very difficult."
―Alarvyne Indalas[src]

Alarvyne Indalas is a Dunmer trader who resides in the St.Delyn Canton in Vivec on the Ascadian Isles on Vvardenfell, Morrowind. She runs the Glassworker's Hall, a unique place where various glasswork is produced and sold.


Liberate the Limeware

Bolrin from the East Empire Trading Company prevents the Glassworker's Hall's trading in Dwarven limeware by manipulating prices and holding back selling licenses. Alarvyne Indalas asks the Nerevarine to "recover" a shipment of this valuable merchandise that is held in Ebonheart.


  • "I would be good to get my hands on that shipment. Let me know when you get the pieces."
  • "You got the cups, but where are the bowls? Come back when you have everything."
  • "You got the bowls, but where are the cups? Come back when you have it all."
  • "You've gotten it! Well done, <Name>. I was beginning to think we'd never see this kind of merchandise again. As promised, here is your reward. I hope it wasn't too much trouble for you."
  • "It's good to finally get my hands on some good merchandise."


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