"There isn't much to tell about Albert Jemane. He was one of my best, then he got greedy. The rest is history."
Fathis Ules

Albert Jemane was the father of Reynald Jemane and Guilbert Jemane, two brothers who were separated at a young age when Ogres attacked their family home, Weatherleah.

He was once a member of the Thieves Guild, and was known for his ability to steal more difficult items. He was asked by Fathis Ules, a high-ranking member of the guild, to steal the Honorblade of Chorrol. While he stole the sword, he did not give it to the guild. He instead took his family and moved them to their new home on the middle of the Great Forest. They were all supposedly killed by the nearby Ogres, save for his son, Reynald, who was found wandering alone in the forest.

While both of the sons survived, both Albert and his wife where killed by the Ogres, and the honorblade was taken by their chieftain as a trophy.

If the sword is recovered and returned to Chorrol, the Brothers will accept the fact that their father was a thief. If the sword is given to Fathis, however, they refuse to believe this and will be furious at the unproven accusations.



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