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An Albino Spider is a creature in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.




There are several variants of the Albino Spider, including the Flame Cloak Spider, the Jumping Flame Spider which explode on contact, and others. These variants can either be encountered as enemies, or created by combining an Albino Spider Pod with certain gems. The machine used to create these enchanted spiders can be found near the exit of White Ridge Barrow, and can be more easily accessed in the future by fast traveling and heading directly south to a small shack with a trap door serving as a rear entrance. 


  • In White Ridge Barrow, their pods can be combined with different gems in a machine inside a cell in the dungeon's sanctum by inserting a regular and/or Damaged Albino Spider Pod along with a gem. Activate the machine, not the part where the components are placed, and spiders will be added to the scrolls section of the inventory.
  • Using different types of gems develops an elemental spider based on the gems color and quality. For example; Emerald+Albino Spider Pod+Salt Pile= Poison Cloaked Spider. If the gem is flawless, it will result as something such as Poison Cloaked Spider 2x.
  • Due to game limitations and scripting issues, Albino Spiders do not respawn, even when other enemies do. This makes them an extremely rare resource and rare enemy, only encountered in specific locations and their pods, damaged or whole, are once-off items. Once used, there will be no more.