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The Fiefdom of Alcaire is a region located in the south-central coast of the province of High Rock, and is on the coast of the Iliac Bay. It borders Koegria to the west, the Wrothgarian Mountains to the north, and also shares a small border with Menevia to the southeast.

According to some sources, Tiber Septim was born in Alcaire,[1] and trained under the sword masters of the region.[2] The capital of Alcaire is Alcaire City. The dominant vampire bloodline in the region is the Lyrezi family, and the regional deity is Kynareth. The region is also home to the Witches of Alcaire, and their respective Alcaire Coven.

Every year on 24th of Mid Year, Alcaire celebrates Tibedetha, or "Tibers Day," in honor of Tiber Septim, the most famous resident of the region, with a great party.

As a result of the Warp in the West, Alcaire was occupied by the forces of Wayrest.





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