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Alcaire Castle is a town in The Elder Scrolls Online, and is located in the region of Stormhaven, within the province of High Rock.


To Alcaire CastleEdit

Dame Dabienne expresses concerns about some of the events unfolding at Alcaire Castle, and asks the Vestige to go to the castle and see if they can help.

Army at the GatesEdit

King Fahara'jad of the Alik'r Desert has sent an army to Alcaire Castle. They claim to be on a diplomatic mission, but the Knights of the Flame believe otherwise. This situation could threaten the very fabric of the Daggerfall Covenant.

Two Sides to Every CoinEdit

Duchess Lakana needs someone to take a message to the leader of the Redguard camp outside the gates. Sir Hughes suggested the Vestige act as her messenger and report on what she reveals.

Life of the DuchessEdit

According to new intelligence, Dame Falhut was behind the assassination attempts on Duchess Lakana. The Vestige must apprehend her quickly, in order to ensure the duchess's safety before it is too late.

The Safety of the KingdomEdit

Dame Falhut is dead, and the threat to the Duchess Lakana is no more—at least for the moment.

Tracking Sir HughesEdit

Dame Dabienne has expressed concerns about events unfolding at Alcaire Castle. She asked the Vestige to go there and see if they can help.

Notable itemsEdit






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