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Alchemist Nilyne's Notes is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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The Llodos plague is a damn complex concoction. I'm not sure I have the skill and experience to totally counteract its properties, but I have an idea for how to suppress and slow the pace of the disease. It will require a number of rare and exotic ingredients to pull this off, though.

An alchemical concoction such as I'm imagining doesn't like to be subjected to high heat. It's too volatile. It needs to be allowed to seep and brew. Therefore, an adjustment of one-quarter flame should suffice to get the mortar to the proper temperature.

First, I'll need a good amount of Kyne's Heart. These healing herbs are prized for their powerful medicinal properties, which makes them hard to come by and extremely expensive. I'm certain the innkeeper at the Brooding Elf keeps an emergency supply to sell for profit when business gets slow.

Then, I need something to bind it all together and hide the foul taste of the bitter herbs. Something like sour milk tea. Grell Flan was known to imbibe the stuff from time to time. I must admit that I have a fondess for the beverage myself. Usually with a splash of greef to give it a bit of a kick, if you must know.

Finally, I'll need something that adds a touch of magic. Dragon scale mushrooms would fit the bill nicely. If I recall correctly, Old Sorel Tedas had a taste for exotic mushrooms. There might still be some hidden in his house unless those Argonian ruffians ransacked his place after he entered the quarantine.

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