"Ald Redaynia is the site of an ancient ruined wizard's tower on the western tip of a large island west of Sheogorad."
―Artisa Arelas[src]

Ald Redaynia is a location in Morrowind, located in the Sheogorad region of Vvardenfell.[1] Aicantar of Shimerene writes that the location, along with Bal Fell, Tel Aruhn and Tel Mora, were built in the Merethic Era by Aldmeri explorers, and that it was later used as a Wizard Tower by Altmer during the First Era.[2] Guide to Vvardenfell lists it as a remote fishing village.[3] The Vampiric Ring is located here as well.


The Bitter CupEdit

Find an artifact to help sway Eydis Fire-Eye to betray the Camonna Tong.

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