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Ald Skar Inn is an inn in Ald'ruhn. It is commonly thought to be the most respectable inn in Ald'ruhn[1] and is owned by Boderi Farano.


The Inn consists of three unnamed floors:

  • The top floor. This is where the bar is and is accessible directly up the stairs from the front door.
  • The rear basement. This is where Zainsubani, Laelippe and Tuundir are and is accessible from a stair going down from the top floor.
  • The front basement. This is where several characters and a six bedrooms are. It is accessible directly down the stairs from the front door.

Note that the two basements are not connected.


Ald Skar Inn (Interior)


Main Quest

Zainsubani Informant: The Nerevarine must find Hassour Zainsubani in Ald'ruhn and find out more about the Ashlanders and the Nerevarine Cult.

House Redoran

Stronghold: The Nerevarine builds their House stronghold, in three phases.


Shashev's Key: Sirilonwe in Vivec needs help with a rival.


Hannat Zainsubani: The Nerevarine must rescue the explorer Hannat Zainsubani from within Mamaea.

Notable items




  1. Dialogue with Caius Cosades
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