Alding is a Nord pirate in the Blood Horker pirate clan, working in the crew under captain Stig Salt-Plank. He only wears a roughspun tunic with no shoes.


Alding is an overall foulmouthed pirate who prefers to wear tattered and poor clothes.


Rise in the EastEdit

He can be found in the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar accompanying his captain and the rest of the crew.


Beasts of the seaEdit

Karita: "You beasts are the worst."
Stig Salt-Plank: "Come now, dearie, surely we aren't all that bad."
Karita: "Just... leave me alone! I've brought your mead, now drink it and shut your filthy mouths."
Alding: "Oh, we've got other things in mind for our mouths, sweetie."


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