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The Aldmeri Language, known as Aldmeris[1] is one of Tamriel's oldest languages and is spoken by the Altmer. It is structurally similar to Ehlnofex but more consistent in grammatical syntax and phonetic meaning. Most other languages, such as Dunmeri, Bosmeri, and Nedic, stem from the Aldmeri Language and the namesake of most places in Tamriel, including Tamriel itself, are based on Aldmeri words.

Aldmeri to English
Aka Dragon
Ald, At First, Elder, Old[2]
Alt High,[3] Cultured[source?]
Bet Beast[4]
Betmeri Beastmen[4]
Bos Green, Forest,[3] Sap[source?]
Bal Stone[source?]
Chi Changed[3]
Dun Cursed, Dark[3]
Dwe Deep,[3] Profound[source?]
Esh High[5]
Elt Holy[source?]
Fal Snow[source?]
Graxifalas Extremely disgraceful[6]
Halsoriel Sewers[6]
Ler Murder[source?]
Maor Sea[source?]
Mer Folk, Ones, People[source?]
Molag Fire[7]
Mora Wood, Forest[2]
Ne Never, Not[source?]
Nebarra Newcomer, unwelcome (impolite)[8]
Nium Town,[9]City, God
Orsi Orc[1][9]
Riasen Critical witness[10]
Riel Beauty[source?]
Tam Dawn[source?]
Vehrumas Kitchen[source?]
Aedra Ancestors[11]
Aedroth Ancestor[11][12]
Daedra Not Ancestors[11]
Daedroth Not Ancestor[12]

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