The Aldmeri Pantheon was the primary religion of the Aldmer.[1] This pantheon was also worshiped by the Snow Elves in the Dawn Era and the early First Era.[2]

Revered and worshipped gods[edit | edit source]

  • Auri-El – Elven Spirit, chief god of the pantheon.
  • Trinimac – God of might, turned into Malacath by Boethiah
  • Magnus – God of sorcery.
  • Syrabane – God-ancestor of magic.
  • Y'ffre – Most important God of the Bosmeri, god of the forest
  • Xarxes – God of secret knowledge and ancestry.
  • Mara – Goddess of love
  • Stendarr – God of Righteous Might and Merciful Forbearance
  • Lorkhan – Missing god, betrayer of his brethren and enemy of mer
  • Phynaster – Patron God of Summerset Isle

References[edit | edit source]

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