Aldmeri Spellwright is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is a part of the Tamriel Collection set.


  • Aldmeri Spellwright was only available for three days as a free offer from December 6, 2019 after the announcement that future content for Legends would be put on hold.[1]


Aldmeri Spellwright provides its summoner an extra point of magicka for that turn if their opponent was damaged directly. As such, Aldmeri Spellwright can serve as a source of extra magicka so long as the summoner's opponent is damaged in some way.

Aldmeri Spellwright will not grant its summoner an extra point of magicka if their opponent is not damaged. If there are hostile guards in a lane, they will prevent the summoner's opponent from being damaged by friendly creatures until they are destroyed or silenced. Guards will not, however, protect against damage caused by action cards or keywords that deal collateral damage such as breakthrough.


  • "Power courses through my veins." – When summoned



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