"Flyyyin'... flyyin' in the skyyyy.... cliff racer flys so high.... flyinnn'..."
―Aldos Othran[src]

Aldos Othran is a Dunmer farmer living in Cheydinhal. He roams the city streets aimlessly because of the new taxes put on the Cheydinhal citizens.

A month before, he and his wife had been attacked by bandits while they were traveling from the Imperial City. As a result of his tragic loss, he began to drink quite heavily. Aldos was labeled as being drunk and disorderly and was fined six times in the course of one month. His house was taken away after he was unable to pay for the last two fines so he now resides in a secluded area by the river.

Llevana Nedaren, a close friend of his, is angry about how the guards are treating him, and how high the taxes and fees have become since Ulrich Leland became captain of the guard.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Corruption and Conscience[edit | edit source]

The Captain of the Guard, Ulrich Leland, has been imposing excessive and inappropriate fines all over town. One of the citizens, Llevana Nedaren, is upset and plans to do something about it. Aldos dies during the course of the quest, killed by a city guard when he drunkenly assaults him.

Llevana Nedaren will be upset at his death, blaming herself for not taking him in or helping him stay sober. She also says she will handle the arrangements for his burial.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Corruption and Conscience

"Wha'? You say somethin'?"
"Who're you...?"

Ulrich Leland "Ha! That stupid s'wit! Throw me out of my home, will he? I'll show him a thing or two about messing with an Othran! All I did was fall down, sure. Maybe even vomited on the floor of the tavern. Charge me six times, Ulrich... charge me you fetcher??! Well, I'm not standin' for this any more. You come with me and I'll show you what the Othrans can do when their backs are to the wall."

If spoken to while following:

"Get out of my way, and keep followin'. I'll show ya a thing or two..."

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Corruption and Conscience

Aldos Othran: "This is my house! Get out of the way... move, I say!"
Cheydinhal Guard: "Sir, this property has been seized by his lordship, the Count of Cheydinhal. Leave immediately."
Aldos Othran: "I said move! Or by my ancestors I'll put you on the ground with a split lip!"
Cheydinhal Guard: "Sir, I must warn you that threatening a city guardsman is an offense punishable by a fine of no less than 50 gold. Pay or be jailed."
Aldos Othran: "You s'wit! How dare you! Ulrich be damned! He can take his fine and stuff it up his backside!"
Cheydinhal Guard: "You've been warned. You are now under arrest. Please, come with me."
Aldos Othran: "I'll go nowhere with you, fetcher! Nowhere!"

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Who... wha... are you... time is it? Hic."
  • "Goodbye... fare-thee-well... hic.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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