Aldos Othran's House is the residence of Aldos Othran and is located in southwest Cheydinhal. He will however be evicted when the Hero first arrives.

This two story house has a dining area on the first floor, with a large fireplace. Placed around the room are barrels with food items, a cupboard with some wine bottles, Tamika's West Weald Wine, cheap wine and mead. Shelves with cutlery and two wine racks filled with Surilie Brothers Wine, Tamika's West Weald Wine and more cheap wine. There is also a chest with little value.

Upstairs is a lounge with more food items, miscellaneous items, a broom and a hoe. More cutlery on another shelves. Next to the lounge is the bedroom, nicely decorated with tapestries and paintings on the walls. There are two chests with some valuable items and a weapon.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Corruption and Conscience[edit | edit source]

The Hero has been told by one of the townspeople in Cheydinhal that the guards have been imposing heavy and unfair fines lately. This seemed to begin ever since the new Captain of the Guard, Ulrich Leland, took office. They have referred the Hero to Llevana Nedaren, who lives in the south end of town, as she is the most vocal about her dislike of the new commander.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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