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Alduin is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is a part of the Heroes of Skyrim expansion.


Alduin is included in purchase of the pre-made Alduin's Apocalypse deck, which costs 500 gold. The card also has a rare chance to be obtained from Heroes of Skyrim card packs, or can be soul-summoned using 1,200 soul gems.


As Alduin destroys all creatures on both sides when summoned, playing him is not recommended while ahead in creatures. However, if you are behind, the destruction effect and Alduin's huge stats will generate a massive momentum swing in your favor, compounded further by his ability to revive a dragon every turn. This can be particularly devastating if he revives a creature with a powerful Summon effect, such as Paarthurnax or Odahviing.

Alduin's main weakness is his prohibitively high magicka cost. As such, he should only be played in control decks with a number of Dragons. Endurance decks are generally best suited for summoning Alduin as they have many ways to accelerate their magicka growth. In general, however, Odahviing may be a more reliable and flexible option, as it does not destroy your own creatures when played and has a less extreme magicka cost.


  • "Ziil gro dovah ulse" ("Ever-bound dragon spirit") – Upon being summoned
  • "Daar lein los dii!" ("This world is mine!") – When attacking




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